Australia, Oz, the land down under, our home country is one of beauty and with a lifestyle that just can’t be matched. To many travelers, it’s on the bucket list but also at the top of the too hard list. Come on people, don’t you know what you’re missing out on? From America, the flight is a little long, clocking in at up to 22 hours from the eastern-most point, but more commonly you can be there in 18 hours (or what’s also known as about nine movies and three meals). It’s basically having a snooze in an undersized armchair, so honestly, get over it because the reward outweighs the pain of travel.

As a country, Australia is a land of extremes. Extremely fresh, tasty food, extremely chill, yet welcoming people and extremely dangerous wildlife – almost everything can bite, sting, poison or maim you. It is also extremely large. Somewhere along the line, the cartographers got things very, very wrong. Most visitors assume that it’s a smallish island. That’s what they were taught in middle school geography. It is in fact almost as large as the United States. In the same state you can experience jungles, alps and deserts. Distances are massive between capital cities, usually taking up to 15 hours to drive. Whatever the experience and no matter where they come from, no one who visits Australia leaves disappointed. Below you will find some of our favorite experiences with a little local “know-how”.




Netherworld Arcade Bar: Music, 80s computer games, and craft beers make Netherworld Brisbane a popular nightspot

Netherworld Brisbane Arcade bar has transformed the former Shamrock Hotel into a live music venue. For over one hundred years (and long before Netherworld Brisbane, an arcade bar, or computer gaming was a thing), The Shamrock Hotel was a Fortitude Valley icon frequented primarily by journalists and old alcoholic barflies. In the nineties and early noughties, Bernie’s...

Street Art, Bars and Rock Venues at Fitzroy, Melbourne

Melbourne’s Fitzroy is an arty precinct heavy on graffiti filled alleys, craft breweries, hip boutiques and rock venues. Centered on Brunswick Street, the area’s main thoroughfare, Fitzroy is only a short stroll from downtown Melbourne. The extra steps will earn you a frosty Little Creatures Rogers or Pale Ale from the Little Creatures Dining Hall. The once craft...

Play by the Bay at St Kilda, Melbourne

A quaint British style seaside community in the 1900s, a fetid pit of drug abuse and prostitution in eighties and now back to being an upmarket seaside community, St Kilda has more than a few stories to tell. 

 Set on the shores of Port Philip bay, the beaches are a haven in summer, with a cool Antarctic breeze offsetting the extreme heat that Melbourne gets (as one...

The Brighton Beach Huts Melbourne, experience the colorful and iconic 19th Century Victorian Bathing Huts.

There’ are not many images that capture the essence of old Australia quite like the Brighton Beach Huts Melbourne. Beaches are a major part of Australian city life. As an island, with most capitals right on the coast, the populations flock to their local beach in the summer months. For Melbournians, Brighton Beach on Port Philip Bay has been such a haven. Like...

Queen Victoria Market: Melbourne’s best fresh food shopping

Farm fresh produce, cured meats and fine wines abound at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market, the largest open-air market in the Southern Hemisphere. If you’re heading north up Elizabeth Street, you can’t miss the classic façade of the Queen Victoria Market Meat and Fish Hall. For over 150 years, it has been a permanent fixture and home to fresh produce, crafts and...