Wash and Fold

Having a washing machine and dryer in your apartment is the New York dream. If you can afford an apartment with one included, you’ve already made it, friend. Not having a washer isn’t the end of the world if you have a machine in your basement or building, but if you have to walk clothes to a laundromat, we pity your unfortunate plight – especially when the winter wind chills hit -20C.

Finding the right change for a coin operated machine also sucks, as does coming back two minutes after your load finished to find your freshly washed laundry dumped on a table impersonally by an impatient neighbor. The answer? Wash n Fold. What is wash n fold? It’s like having a mother living across the road. You take your sack of clothes to them, check it’s weight and 8 hours later you can pick it up clean and folded neatly. A week’s worth of clothes for two would generally come to around $20, competitive when compared the $3/load for washing and then drying (coming to about $12). Plus you don’t need to run around to get to a machine that works, wait for the cycle to finish or risk having your personal items messed with.

In summary, Wash and Fold will be your savior.

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