If you choose to live in Manhattan, take a long hard think about getting a car. This sounds like a rather brash statement, but it is really important to consider the why’s and why-nots.


1. America is built for cars. Getting around the country is restricted without one.
2. There’s nothing like escaping the rat race and heading up state, to the Jersey Shore or out to Long Island and Montauk.
3. Fuel is cheaper than Australia.
4. It’s a status symbol (for a reason – see Why Not?).
5. Your friends will love you.

 People have no respect – even for luxury cars

Why Not?

1. If you live and work in Manhattan and don’t plan on escaping on weekends, there really is no reason for a car.
2. The subway is generally amazing and at $33 a week, much cheaper than petrol/gas.
3. The cabs are much cheaper than Australia and Uber and other car services are prevalent.
4. People have no respect for parked cars and will park you in, crunch/destroy your bumpers, key your pride and joy and pee on it.
5. In winter, your car will be buried under snow, ice, salt and other corrosives.
6. Finding a park is almost impossible and when you do, you have to move it every other day for rubbish collections and some random TV series that is being shot on your block.
7. If you park privately, it’s almost as expensive as that broom closet you’re renting and you still have to walk a few blocks to get to it in the rain.
8. Motorists are bat-shit crazy road-ragers on steroids. Seriously.
9. It costs $15 to escape the city on tolls and then every couple of miles expect another toll booth. Seriously.
10. Every other street is one way (and you’re probably driving the wrong way up it).

$25/day is low rent for your car

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