Ladies: Eyebrows

There are a lot of waxing and eyebrow salons scattered across Manhattan and you will never have to walk further than a few blocks to find one.  However, often the salons can feel dingy, rundown and just plain dirty.  I feel more comfortable sticking with the larger, brighter and airier chains. At least you can hold someone accountable if something goes wrong.

Benefit and Benefit Brow Bars offer a range of waxing and tinting services.  Online appointments are easy to secure but spots during peak time are had to find.  You will need to book ahead if you’re on a timeline.

European Wax Centers don’t offer tinting services, but often have good promotion for local residents and their prices are very reasonable.  Check their website for upcoming specials before securing an appointment just to make sure you are taking advantages of their varied special deals.

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