Kilkenny Castle protects the city

Kilkenny Castle, one of Ireland’s most beautiful castles

Offering an imposing facade and prime defensive position at the highest point of the city, Kilkenny Castle is unmissable.

It was constructed at this strategic fording point of the Nore River in 1193 by Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, better known as Strongbow – the tasty apple cider (though that wasn’t his official title).

Kilkenny Castle looks out over the River Nore, a strong defensive position in the past.
The castle offered a strong defensive position overlooking the River Nore

Take a guided tour through the oldest tower where archeological explorations have revealed the original wall and cross hatched branch and mud roof dating back to the early 1200s.

Moving up into the castle’s reception spaces through the service areas, when we re-enter the main floor we’re greeted with total opulence. Led through regal dining rooms and libraries, one notable area is the withdrawing room, the full name of what has become known over time as the drawing room. This is where the women withdrew to when the men switched it up on the whiskeys and tobacco.

Grand tapestries and oil paintings cover ornate wallpapering and wood panels. At its height, the castle had over 500 works of art, but now there’s only about 100 left.

Between the early earthworks and the Victorian era grandeur, there was another manifestation of Kilkenny Castle. Purchased by the Butler family in 1391, it stood proudly until, like anything nice of it’s era, Oliver Cromwell damaged it in the Siege of Kilkenny in 1650. Nice bloke.

This wasn’t the castle’s first skirmish with English power and it wouldn’t be its last. During the Irish Civil War in 1922, the castle was held siege for two days. No one was killed but a bullet was lodged in the wall.

The last owners of the castle was the Butler family, who made their riches from wine. It became their family home where they lived until 1935. In 1967, Arthur Butler gifted the castle to the people of Kilkenny with a notional sale price of fifty pounds. The last Butler in the lineage died in 1997.

The goblet was a symbol of the Butler family
Kilkenny’s elegant gardens

Kilkenny Castle and gardens offer a taste of what life was like for the landed gentry in years past and it makes an ideal starting point for your Kilkenny explorations.

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Kilkenny Castle is one of Ireland’s most beautiful and well-preserved castles.


The Parade, Collegepark, Kilkenny, Ireland


Opening Hours

October to February09.30 to 16.30
March09.30 to 17.00
April and May09.30 to 17.30
June to August09.00 to 17.30
September09.30 to 17.30

Admission Fees

Child / Student € 4.00
Senior (60+)/Group:(20+ Adults/Seniors)€ 6.00
Adult€ 8.00
Family€ 20.00
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carpe diem Eire
5 years ago

Kilkenny castle definitely ranks as one of Ireland’s best. It’s so formidable looking across the river and so elegant inside. Loved the blog and learned some things I didn’t know, or possibly had forgotten. Thanks for sharing.

Nandih A.
5 years ago


Great post!!

You wrote an informative place to visit in one of the most important place of Ireland.
I think that most of travelers would love to visit the old town thanks to your post.

Best wishes,

From Madagascar

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