The USA, land of the free and self-appointed protector of the world is an interesting amalgam of people, places and experiences. In many ways, it is a contradiction in terms. It’s united in so many ways, but the recent 2016 elections proved it’s completely divided. A so-called class-less society, there is an obvious split between rich and poor, black and latin. Yet there’s a patriotic fervor here like no other. It’s these tensions that make it an interesting study in humanity – the world looks to it for leadership, trends and ideas, yet they mock it for its exclusionary attitudes. Strange for a country that was a beacon of hope and attracted generations of new-comers to find freedom in the place that was originally (like Australia), a dumping ground for criminals and miscreants.

The best way to experience the United States is to split it up into manageable bite-sized chunks. Start with the obvious coastal cities and the bright lights of Vegas, and then start digging a little deeper to see what makes this such a weird and wonderful place to visit.

Oga’s Cantina: Futuristic Cocktails, Beers, and Beats at Disneyworld Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Orlando

Oga’s Cantina is a must-do for Star Wars fans, placing you in the middle of a dive bar in Batuu at the Galaxy’s Edge. If you go to the Star Wars Galaxy Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Orlando and don’t go into Oga’s Cantina, did you even go? This is a place for good clean adult fun, though families are welcome. Based on a blend of the cantinas from A New...

COVID Vaccinations in NY: My Citifield experience

COVID vaccinations in NY are finally rolling out. This is what it’s like to get the COVID vaccine in New York City at Citifield Queens. Covid vaccinations in NY are now available for essential workers, people over 65, and those with pre-existing diseases that may be impacted by the deadly virus. It’s just the start of a long road back for New Yorkers who...

The Cincinnati Sign Museum is a true highlight with its incredible collection of 150 years of iconic American neon signage.

The Cincinnati Sign Museum (officially known as the American Sign Museum) offers all the bright flashing lights you’d normally associate with Las Vegas or Times Square – but with an educational twist. The Cincinnati Sign Museum is an easy ten-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati, but it could easily be the best attraction in Cincinnati if you’re...