Brunch and Cake Barcelona – Two of our Favorite Things

Brunch and Cake Barcelona brings together brunch treats and delectable cakes and pastries.

Brunch and Cake Barcelona: they had us from the moment we heard the name then we saw the place and we were smitten. Brunch is Jess’s favorite meal of the week. If she had a choice we’d be brunching every day. To her, it’s not about bottomless mimosas or Bloody Marys. It’s about being able to enjoy the types of foods that really shouldn’t be consumed at breakfast or at lunch. Brunch and Cake Barcelona specializes in these foods and judging by the queues each time we pass, they have quite the loyal customer base.

You Can Have Your Cake

Part of a small empire called Cup and Cake, they are firmly entrenched in the Etsy/handmade ethos, their motto is the very homely, “in grandmothers we trust” and they use 100% organic coffee and Valrhona chocolate in their cakes. Beyond Cup and Cake and Brunch and Cake, their other Barcelona locations called Brunchelona, Brunch and Cake by the Sea and Travel and Cake.

The Menu

If you can make it past the cabinet of fresh out of the oven croissants and freshly iced cupcakes and layer cakes, you’re doing extremely well. Brunch and Cake has made its name on social media for their healthy take on brunch favorites and their dishes’ Instagram-worthy aesthetics. Without even glancing at the menu, we have food envy just watching other people being served.

Eggs Benedict with a Twist

The Shrimp Eggs Benedict is served on a spongy, yet crisp sweet blue corn waffle, a shrimp and lobster Hollandaise sauce, spinach and the addition of corn chips for added crunch. It’s an interesting blend of sweet and savory and thoroughly filling. Jess opted for the salmon version and was equally satisfied. If we had the appetite or time to return, the pancakes and especially the matcha pancakes looked so fresh and come with a colorful fruit salad.

Coffee and Cake

Finally, the coffee is the kick you need for a day exploring Barcelona – especially after a few too many sangrias and Estrellas. The Brunch and Cake Barcelona espresso is kryptonite strong, packed with extra goodies you’ll only find if you finish your mug.

The Verdict?

Brunch and Cake Barcelona isn’t for everyone, which we’re thankful for as it always seems packed out. You will literally be rubbing elbows with others. They don’t take reservations and you’d be better to split your large groups into smaller ensembles if you want to be seated within the hour. If you love brunch foods, come in, indulge, get that perfect Instagram shot and move on – there’s another 50 people outside eyeing off your seat and your leftovers.

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Brunch and Cake is a hip cafe/brunch joint in Barcelona.


Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19


Opens 8:30am to 9:30pm daily

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Sharmin Afsana
6 years ago

Omg! Totally wish I knew about this while I was in Barcelona, looks amazing and you have beautiful photos!

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