Mermaid Inn NYC. Fresh seafood in a charming setting.

If you’re a fan of fresh seafood, the Mermaid Inn NYC Oyster Bar really delivers.

One of the earliest sites of the Mermaid Inn NYC was in Greenwich Village. It is now only open in Chelsea and the Upper West Side.

Mermaid Inn NYC is a refreshing take on seafood. Coming from Australia’s east coast, we were brought up on prawns and tropical and reef fish. Lobsters and shellfish were a rarity – definitely available, but more reserved for special occasions. Now as residents of America’s east coast, we’ve had to adjust to a world where reef fish are a luxury and lobsters and shellfish are the norm. Which brings us to the Mermaid Inn NYC. ***The following photos are from the old Greenwich Village location, however it is now only operating in Chelsea and the Upper West Side post-Covid.

This favorite, owned by Danny Abrams brings the vibe of a New England fisherman’s shack to the middle of Manhattan. Kitsch meets hip in terms of décor, making it an inviting place to munch and drink. It’s a haven for lovers of bivalve mollusks, with a menu that is almost an encyclopedia of oysters, mussels and clams.

Nightly, you’ll find nary an empty seat, with queues forming as happy hour starts. For the hungry traveler, this is the most opportune time to visit. Their $8 happy hour cocktails are heavy-handed takes on classics that would give the most seasoned drinker their sea legs after a couple. Think Dark & Stormy’s and Mermaid Marys (their take on a Bloody Mary), while draft beers include local seaside favorites like the Coney Island Mermaid Pilsener and the Fire Island Red Wagon IPA.

The New England Clam Chowder comes served in mini camping mugs – nice touch!

As regulars, we opt for our favorites off the happy hour menu – two dozen of the chef’s choice oysters, a couple of mini mugs of New England clam chowder, a shrimp corndog and a mini fish taco. The corn dog is a novel mini take on the fairground favorite, served with a light, but peppery slaw.

Bar food should be fun and that’s exactly what these corn dogs are.

But there’s more to Mermaid Inn NYC than bar snacks. We’re here for the legendary assortment of oysters. You can choose from bulk platters of a particular region, or get a little exploratory and sample different types from the west coast to the gulf coast. The oysters are always fresh and accompanied by a little lemon and a tomato-horseradish sauce, though we added a tuna tartar for a little extra oomph.

Suitably full, Mermaid sweetens the deal when they bring the check, also bringing out a chocolate mousse each. There’s also a kitschy-as-hell fortune telling fish that ensures everyone leaves full and talking about the complete experience.



Mermaid Inn NYC is a seafood restaurant situated in the Upper West Side and Chelsea, Manhattan, New York.


570 Amsterdam Ave
NY, NY 10024


227 Tenth Ave
NY, NY 10003


Mermaid Inn NYC is open every evening. Bookings are recommended.




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