Is it New York? Is it New Jersey? Explore Hoboken

Old cobblestone streets, hundred-year-old Irish bars and a strong Italian community, Hoboken adds another flavor to your Tri-state experience.

Unofficially dubbed the sixth borough, New Jersey’s Hoboken and to a lesser extent, Jersey City are basically extensions of New York. The architectural styles are the same and the accents are pretty similar (apart from a couple of local words that have been passed down from the areas original Italian migrant families). What was once a blue collar city that was the birthplace of Frank Sinatra is now a legit place to live for those seeking cheaper rent but still living an easy commute from Manhattan. For a traveler, it’s the authentic, traditional foods, welcoming sports bars and the slower pace that make it a legitimate place to escape to when the island gets too stressful.

The Path Train

Running in tandem with the MTA, the Path is New Jersey transit’s under river express service shooting residents through the Hudson tubes in a matter of minutes. On the jersey side, the path covers the areas of Hoboken, jersey city and towards Newark. The MTA card can be used in all machines but you have to pay for each ride as opposed to being able to use your unlimited fare deal from within the five boroughs.

Lackawanna Terminal (Hoboken Terminal)

The Lackawanna railroad station is a relic from better days. Like many east coast terminals, it’s styled with plenty of marble and ironwork and an impressive facade. It still is the central hub for the state and from here you can catch regional trains down to the Jersey shore and Atlantic City or venture further across America on an Amtrak train. Sadly, it’s in a state of decline, with those who can afford it choosing flights from nearby Newark airport rather than the slower locomotives. A large contingent of itinerants sprawl across the benches and millennials crouch next to power outlets charging their phones like a homeless person seeking out a little patch of warmth.

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The Hoboken Waterfront Walkway

Adjacent to the station, the flood prone shoreline and piers have been turned into welcoming park lands. In summer they are alive with sun loving locals jogging, walking dogs, basking or enjoying a coffee. Its popularity’s totally logical when the backdrop is New York City’s skyline.

Carlos bakery

If you’ve ever seen TLC Network’s popular show, Cake Boss, you will recognize the name Carlos, the star of the show. His bakery on Washington Street draws long queues from before it opens each day. The windows display some of his more impressive feats of cake decorating. Inside the focus is on quick turn irresistible baked goods that people can souvenir for all of five minutes when the urge to consume becomes all too much.

Washington Street

Hoboken’s main street is Washington. Here you’ll find the City Hall, original banks, boutiques and brunch hot spots. While no particular retailer stands out as worth trekking over for, it’s the sum of all parts that makes the trip rewarding. Explore old Irish bars and authentic pizzerias including the original location of Grimaldi’s. Even the sports bars have a local character that is different to what you get in Manhattan.

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Hoboken is the gateway to New Jersey, offering a small town vibe, cute old shops and welcoming Irish bars.


Hoboken sits on the New Jersey waterfront, parallel with Manhattan’s midtown.


Getting there’s easy. Take a path train from 34th street Penn Station, 23rd, 8th Street or the financial district or any of the cross-river ferries.

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