South Bank, Brisbane, Australia

Southbank is Brisbane proper’s one and only attraction. Well, at least the only one that receives airtime on incoming flights. What used to form the site of World Expo ’88 was redeveloped into a urban oasis in the city, sporting beaches, green space and even a small rainforest walk, it is a tourists delight to soak up the sun and outdoors when in the CBD.

As the name suggests, it is situated on the south bank of the Brisbane river, a short walk over Victoria Bridge at the end of the Queen Street Mall and adjacent to the Crown Treasury Casino.

Southbank is a venue for all things arts and all things fitness. On your way along the river walk you will pass the Queensland Museum, a fantastic day out for those with young-uns. It is also the home to the Queensland Performing Arts Center where, during the warmer months, they also hold outdoor performances in beer gardens—the perfect excuse to while away the time on a Queensland summer evening.

For those of you who love touristy things to do, Brisbane even has it’s own wheel. Far inferior to the London eye, though, the ride will set you back roughly $19 (for adults) with best viewing at dusk.

Each weekend the area also hosts an arts and crafts markets, and a monthly designers market. Here you kind find everything from cheap and tacky jewelry to one-of-a-kind pieces from local designers and artists. The strip is also lined with restaurants, pubs and sweet shops to keep you high on life and entertained.




Brisbane’s South Bank is a tropical playground for families, fitness freaks and those who love good food and good beers.


South Bank sits just across the river from Brisbane’s CBD.


South Bank Parklands is a short walk from central Brisbane. It is a major stop for trains, buses and ferries. Entry is free.






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