Review: Shutter and Brew, Brisbane

Looking more like a spot you’d find in the hipster epicenter of Williamsburg than a quaint café in a leafy suburb of Wavell Heights, Shutter and Brew serves up its sweet early morning eats 7 days a week.

Good breakfast options in Brisbane used to be restricted to a meat pie and iced coffee from a convenience store or a McMuffin from McDonalds. Thankfully there has been a quantum leap in options since then, with hidden brunch gems found in the suburbs and not just the dining hot spots.


We found Shutter and Brew by accident while browsing Yelp for places that were open at 8am. We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at what was once a small convenience store, now renovated into a warm and inviting eatery. Like its name suggests, the place is decked out with vintage cameras and lomography-style photos. Vintage Soviet SLRs hang from aged leather straps, more modern Haminex and Kodak point and shoots and Polaroids sit on shelves. It anchors the theme and adds charm to the space.

Suburban Charm

The cafe is a favorite with locals. Open from as early as 6:30am and through to the end of the lunch rush at 1:30pm, it offers a lazy, inviting vibe with old school Australiana.

Then there’s the Brew part.

Shutter and Brew deliver a great Flat White, ornate, ever-so-slightly bitter and not even slightly burned. They also offer an impressive range of T2 teas. But it’s the food that we’re here for and for a small place with a cook, not a chef, it really bats above its average.

Photo Finish

Between us, we order the Bubble and Squeak – an old Anglo-Australian favorite and Savory Mince. Ironically, both have origins as meals you’d cook using left overs. Instead these are both stars. The Bubble and Squeak, rather than just a mass of reheated mashed potato, corn and peas has been assembled into neat patties, stacked with fresh avocado. To add a little extra grease, we’ve added delicious bacon – crunchy and salty as hell (a good, albeit salty hell). The savory mince is rich, with a thick blob of sour cream to tame it. Yum.

Shutter and Brew is that home cooked breakfast you want to wake up to, just at someone else’s place.



Brunch, coffee, lunches in suburban Brisbane.


65 Newman Rd, Wavell Heights, Brisbane, Australia


Check the website for their latest menu and Yelp reviews here.

Thursday 6:30AM–1:30PM
Friday 6:30AM–1:30PM
Saturday 7AM–1:30PM
Sunday 7:30AM–1:30PM
Monday 6:30AM–1:30PM
Tuesday 6:30AM–1:30PM
Wednesday 6:30AM–1:30PM
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