Raise a glass at Cheers, Boston

Grab a beer and raise a glass at the original Cheers, the bar where everybody knows your name.

It’s testament to its writers, actors and uncanny ability to capture a moment in time so perfectly that has made Cheers such an iconic series ( and budget conscious networks who have rehashed annually since the mid-80s). And while you won’t find Ted Danson behind the bar, a visit to the original setting at Beacon Hill, just across the street from the Boston Common is worthwhile for fans.

There are in fact two blatant Cheers tourist cash cows in Boston. This one is more authentic in that it’s exterior is featured in the old world engravings in the opening sequence whereas the one in the Quincy Market area tries to emulate the interior, which was actually filmed on the other side of the country.

The bar is in the basement of historic Hampshire House (now a wedding venue), which was built in 1895. In the 1960s it was known as the Bull & Finch Pub and was spotted by the show’s writers in the early 80s and chosen for its perfect, homely corner bar vibe.

There are plenty of photo opportunities to be had inside, with a larger-than-life shot of the team to pose with and old wood paneled bars to sit at but we enjoyed the quiet anonymity of the downstairs bar, where we quickly discovered the whole “where everybody knows your name” thing is total bullshit. Luckily they deliver a decent chili and the beers are served in giant mugs that can easily take the place of weights as you bicep curl that frosty Sam Adams up to your thirsty, burnt-by-chili lips.


The inspiration for the original Cheers bar which is now a tourist attraction.


84 Beacon St. Beacon Hill, Boston



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