Gourmet treats? It all points north at the Old Market Hall, Helsinki, Finland

The Old Market Hall is top of most foodies’ list when exploring gourmet options around the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

Built in 1888 Vanhakauppahalli (the Old Market Hall) has been the destination for fine foods for over 140 years. Very much like a delicatessen, smoked cheeses and dried meats, hang from hooks. Fishmongers display their wares, fresh from the waters of the Baltic (and it doesn’t get fresher than this). Baked breads hot from the oven, ornate pastries and cakes tempt us, as does the produce.

An indoor alternate to the neighboring Hakaniemi Market, sitting here in the warmth of midsummer, it’s almost hard to imagine the city in the dark of winter. With the breeze right off the water, there’s not many places to hide, so it makes perfect sense.

Within its quaint two-tone brick shell and ornate facade are a world of flavors and aromas. The aged wood is charming and makes the atmosphere cozy. Grab a coffee from Robert’s and stroll the halls. There’s everything from tinned bear pate and canned elk to Vietnamese Pho and reindeer kebabs. Rich fish stews look more enticing than they smell and there is always the delicately ornate handmade chocolates from Kultasuklaa Oy for dessert.

While not a ‘must-do’, it’s a nice add on to a trip to the neighboring market or a stroll along the waterfront to and from the ferries and cruise ships.


The Old Market Hall is a classic indoor food market in Helsinki, Finland


Eteläranta, 00130 Helsinki, Finland


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I am glad that You visited Helsinki. Finland outside Helsinki offer experiences which You cannot find elsewhere, especially in the north.

Happy and safe travels.