Mount Gay, Barbados

Mount Gay is one of the premier spiced rums and is made just outside Bridgetown, Barbados.

After a very long and hot walk from Bridgetown, purely from our own stubbornness to save money and prove that Google Maps overestimates the time in which to walk its routes, we arrived hot and sweaty, at the Mount Gay Visitor Center in Barbados. Coming up the street we can see the flags waving, calling us in to their air-conditioned interiors, to sit down for a cold drink of the nectar of the island gods.

In the excitement, we’ve forgotten to check the website. Unfortunately, the last tour, and the museum closure time, is 15 minutes earlier than our arrival time. In an attempt to make the best of a bad situation, we take a sneak peak in the museum, much to the dismay of the cleaner, who has already started to get to work. The museum is small, but has some interesting pieces that tell the Mount Gay story: some America’s cup memorabilia, collectible Mount Gay coins, and the story of the founding recipe.

The Mount Gay Museum is tiny

While we have also missed the last tasting session, the bar has cocktails for purchase and is open until the end of the business day. It was sweltering outside so we’re quite content to stand under the sprinklers shooting mist from the edges of the room and out to the deck.

The cocktail list highlights the different blends of rum available for purchase, and it’s hard to choose a bad one. We must look confused or in need of guidance, so the bar tender takes us under his wing and provides us with his recommendations. He doesn’t need to twist our arm to agree and he lets us photograph and film him as he shakes up a storm. We are watching in awe at the art of mixology when a local comes in and begins to tell us that Barbados’ best bartender is serving us. He pulls out his iPhone and proceeds to flick through shots of the very bartender winning numerous awards and trophies. We admit it’s kind of cool to be served by such a pro!

The cocktails were amazing. We tried one from each blend, including the XO. But our favorite is the classic mojito with the silver rum, which we didn’t even know existed until this trip.

After depleting the gift shop of most of its ephemera for Jess’s dad, it’s back out into the heat and humidity. This rum touring is thirsty work.


Mount Gay Visitor’s Center is a small customer experience installation, adjacent to the distribution center. It doesn’t give you the chance to tour the distillery, which is some distance away, but it does have a wicked tasting menu.


Spring Garden Highway
Mount Gay Visitor Experience
Bridgetown, Barbados
T: 425-8757/227-8862/227-8864


BDS $30.00 / US $15.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $24.00 / US $12.00)

Children 6 – 17 yrs are 1/2 Price
Children 1 – 5 yrs are Free

BDS $50.00 / US $25.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $46.00 / US $23.00)

Children 6 – 17 yrs are 1/2 Price
Children 1 – 5 yrs are Free

(Cocktail Tours are conducted on Wednesdays & Fridays at 1:30pm)

BDS $104.00 / US $52.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $100.00 / US $50.00)
(without Transportation)BDS $130.00 / US $65.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $126.00 / US $63.00)(with Transportation)
(Lunch Tours are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon)
BDS $114.00 / US $57.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $110.00 / US $55.00)
(without Transportation)BDS $140.00 / US $70.00 (Adults 18+yrs)(GROUPS – BDS $136.00 / US 68.00)
(with Transportation)
Children Half Price

TOUR with FOOD (3-Course Small-Plate Pairing) & COCKTAIL PAIRING
(Rum Pairing Tours are conducted on Mondays ONLY at 12 noon (available Saturdays Nov – Apr))
BDS $114.00 / US $57.00 (Adults 18+yrs)
(GROUPS – BDS $110.00 / US $55.00)
(without Transportation)BDS $140.00 / US $70.00 (Adults 18+yrs)(GROUPS – BDS $136.00 / US $68.00)
(with Transportation)
Children Half Price

(This 3 IN 1 Premium Tour Package is conducted on Thursdays ONLY at 12noon)
BDS $224.00 / US $112.00
(GROUPS ONLY) (20 Person minimum per Booking)
(without Transportation)BDS $250.00 / US $125.00(GROUPS ONLY) (20 Person minimum per Booking)
(with Transportation)
ADULTS ONLYEXCLUSIVE PRIVATE PACKAGE available on other Days – (Special conditions and rates apply)(GROUPS ONLY) (20 Person minimum per Booking)


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