Finding Australian Groceries

There’s so much to like about the food in New York but when you’re feeling a little homesick, finding Australian groceries can be a godsend.

Every time we go home, we stock up a whole suitcase full of favorites from back home. But between trips, over the course of the last three years, we have collated (and will continue to add to) a master list of the places that stock the Australian essentials you will inevitable find yourself missing. Most groceries are available for purchase at stores and if not, online.

The booty from our most recent visit. If only they sold Smarties blocks here

Fresh Favorites

Product Where to buy
Meat Pies The Australian, Tuck Shop, Northern Territory
Four ‘n’ Twenty Pies There’s an importer here who does regular “drops” of cartons of meat pies.
Sausage Rolls The Thirsty Koala, Bluestone Lane, The Australian, Tuck Shop
Pavlova Burke & Wills, Musket Room, The Australian, Kiwiana
Burger with the lot
Whaleys at Ruby’s, Coco & Cru, Northern Territory, Bensons
Jaffles Bluestone Lane, The Thirsty Koala
Lamingtons Bluestone Lane, Tuck Shop, The Australian, Southern Cross Coffee
Fish and Chips Coco & Cru, A Salt and Battery, Northern Territory, The Australian
Battered Sav A Salt and Battery
Pineapple Fritter A Salt and Battery
Vegemite on Toast Bluestone Lane
B.L.A.T Ruby’s, Sweatshop, Merriweather
Fresh Passionfruit Whole Foods


Chocolates and Lollies

We’ve all got those favorites from back home. Most can be found in one form or another. The Cadbury’s you’ll find in most shops and delis is actually American made and is quite disgusting. The British version is available if you know where to look – and now you do. Around Easter, you can even get some half decent Easter eggs from Myers of Keswick in the West Village.

Product Where to buy
Cadbury’s Blocks (UK) It’s Sugar (South Street Seaport)
Cadbury’s Marvelous Creations (UK) It’s Sugar (South Street Seaport)
Yowies Bed, Bath and Beyond, Economy Candy
Bounty Economy Candy, Morton Williams, some delis
Violet Crumble Bed, Bath and Beyond, Economy Candy
Crunchie Economy Candy, Morton Williams, Shi Eurasia, some delis
Cadbury Twirl Economy Candy, Morton Williams, Shi Eurasia, some delis
Fry’s Turkish Delight Shi Eurasia
Mars Bars Myers of Keswick, Morton Williams, Shi Eurasia, Economy Candy
Cadbury’s Dream white chocolate Shi Eurasia
Quality Street Myers of Keswick
Cadbury’s Roses Myers of Keswick
Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Bed, Bath and Beyond, Myers of Keswick
Darrell Lea Licorice Available at many bodegas around the city
Maltesers Morton Williams, Economy Candy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Shi Eurasia



Product Where to buy
Arnott’s Scotch Fingers Replace me
Arnott’s Shapes Shi Eurasia
Arnott’s Tim Tams Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Shi Eurasia for the real Australian made versions.
Arnott’s Mint Slices & Arnott’s Crowns
Bed, Bath and Beyond, Shi Eurasia


Pantry and Dairy

Product Where to buy
Golden Syrup Morton Williams
Heinz Baked Beans (and spaghetti) Myers of Keswick, Morton Williams, Shi Eurasia
Uncle Ben’s Sauces Bed, Bath and Beyond, Morton Williams
Maggi Sauces and Sachets Bed, Bath and Beyond
Vegemite Morton Williams
Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup Shi Eurasia
Weis Bars Trader Joe’s (Mango and the Raspberries and Cream) have them packaged as their name
Australian-style yoghurt Noosa Yoghurt (sold at most supermarkets)
Chicken Salt (for hot chips) Dudley’s
Crumpets Trader Joe’s



Product Where to buy
Coopers Red and Green Banter, Ruby’s, The Australian, Northern Territory, Coco & Cru, Two Hands, Citizens of Chelsea, Carmine Street Beer
Boag’s Premium Lager Ruby’s, Northern Territory, Carmine Street Brews
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Myers of Keswick, Morton Williams, Shi Eurasia
Cadbury’s Cocoa Shi Eurasia
Milo Shi Eurasia, Amazon
Bundaberg Ginger Beer Bed, Bath and Beyond, Shi Eurasia, Handsome Dan’s
Bundaberg Lemon, Lime and Bitters Bed, Bath and Beyond, Shi Eurasia
Bundaberg Passionfruit Bed, Bath and Beyond
Bundaberg Root Beer Bed, Bath and Beyond, Handsome Dan’s
Berocca Duane Reade


Aussie Meat Dishes

Though these aren’t groceries, here are a few favorites for meat lovers that you can get around the city.

Dish Where to order it
Kangaroo Burke & Wills, The Thirsty Koala
Rack of Lamb Burke & Wills
Lamb Roast The Australian
Barramundi Flinders Lane
Chicken Parm The Australian
Chicken Schnitz The Australian, Northern Territory
Bangers and Mash The Australian


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