Looking for a great Bushwick Brunch? Father Knows Best

As the waves of gentrification sweep further east towards the outer extremities of Bushwick, semi industrial spaces are making way for creative new venues and eateries like relative newcomer, Father Knows Best.

This former garage is decked out in modern reclaimed wood furnishings, the walls covered in colorful paintings by local artists.

By day, Father Knows Best is a cafe and brunch destination offering delicious breakfast/lunch options like the lumber dad breakfast with eggs, a tasty potato cake, dank pancakes (chocolate vegan pancakes) and the choice of roasted tomatoes or spicy pork patty or the Mushroom Hash with crispy potatoes, smoked oyster mushrooms, avocado, arugula
and pickled beets. On Sundays from 12 they offer a jazz brunch with live band.

By night, the space becomes a bar and venue with live music on some nights and trivia on Wednesdays. Amongst the drinks list are typical hipster beers like PBR and Texas’ Lone Star beer and a cocktail list needing at least a few seatings to get through the must-trys.

In the summer months, you can take advantage of the back courtyard which although not quite a beer garden in scale, is still an experience you don’t see too much of back on Manhattan. And unlike the middle of the city, you get a generous serve for a decent price. which makes it worth the trek on the L when catching up with Brooklyn friends.


Father Knows Best is a bar and brunch venue in East Bushwick


611A Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn


Catch the L train to Wilson Ave and it’s only a short walk from there.

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