Dromedary, the best (and only) tiki bar in Bushwick

Cocktails and tiki bars, is there a better boozy combination? Dromedary Bar nails it in its edgy “urban tiki bar” manifestation.

Brooklyn’s Bushwick is the current ground zero of hipsterdom meaning there’s no shortage of edgy dive bars and quirky themed experiences. Dromedary captures the essence of a tiki bar and crosses it over with comfy diner booths, couches and recycled wood and iron pipes.

There’s the pre-requisite Polynesian carvings, a little bamboo as an accent and a collection of kitschy tiki drink ware on display, but it’s the drinks, not the ambience that draws in crowds from beyond the borders of the hood to Dromedary.

Man down! Man down! Oceanic Flight 815

From the basic Frosty Flamingo, a frozen rose vodka with rose, lavender and guava served in the center of an inflatable flamingo to the sublime – Oceanic Flight 815, a drunken orca chugging a mini bottle of rum while chomping down a brown plastic biplane accompanied by a Swedish Fish jelly candy. And on top of the drinks, there’s themed nights during the week with trivia, karaoke, burlesque and drag shows.

The Mt. Kilauea Colada


Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar is the best place in New York to get over hump day.


Where? Corner of Irving and Menahan Streets, Bushwick


Catch the L or M train to Myrtle Wyckoff and walk three to four blocks. Dromedary is open

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