England is an Aussie’s first stop on any major European vacation. Yes, London’s the gateway, but it’s also the connection with our commonwealth ancestry, shared sense of humor and love of cricket (though we’re not big fans to be honest). As a child, Bernie traveled extensively around England, but in the interests of keeping the info and photos current and our adventures shared, we’ll be adding content from our visits to the UK.



Fish Slapping at the Teddington Lock, London

The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Teddington Lock? London has no shortage of tourist attractions. So what in heaven’s name took me on an early morning bus ride out to a scenic stretch of the Thames out at Teddington Lock? To backtrack a little, I (Bernie) had flown solo for the first time over to London to see the first Monty Python live show...

Review: Plum and Spilt Milk, London

Situated on the first floor of the Great Northern Hotel, within the Kings Cross Station precinct, Plum and Spilt Milk is a stately, English experience…golden age of travel with a few mod cons. We didn’t cry over spilt milk, but the beans weren’t anything to write home about. Plum and Spilt Milk had been on our list of brunch options to try while we were...